Personalised Shaker for Chocolate or Icing

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These chocolate shakers are ideal for shaking on chocolate onto your favourite cappuccino or cake.  They have a fine mesh and can also be used for flour too.

We've made hundreds of personalised shakers for single outlets to multinational chains.  The image itself is shotblasted into the metal, not printed, so the image will never rub off however hard you try.  This means that these shakers will be around for a very long time indeed.

Dimensions are approx 55mm wide and 80mm high.

As you can imagine we get sent loads artwork.   So to help us, check that the artwork you send us meets the following criteria:
 - Make the artwork as big as possible (ideally 300dpi).  Small thumbnail graphics (72dpi or small logos off websites tend to be too small to work with.
 - Send artwork as a JPEG, PDF, EPS, PSD or TIFF file.
 - Currently we cannot photos that rely to much or colour or shading.


I have bought several items now, and am very pleased with the speed and service. Will definitely be buying again soon.

Steve G

Anthony and Sonya are both very helpful on the phone and sorted our my requirements very quickly. Happy buyer.

Andrew K