Square Cake Stencils

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If you want to stencil on top of square cakes then this is no problem at all.  Simply measure the diameter of your cake and choose the size from the drop down menu.  Then you can upload your image or logo and we'll do the rest. 

We can adjust your logo or  words slightly so that they hold together as a stencil, so there is no need for time consuming adjustment to your artwork.  Just upload the best/highest resolution image that you can find.

If you have any special instructions regarding your image, then put those in the message to seller box in the check out screen. If there are any problems we can always give you a call or email to clarify anything.

The smaller the cake then try to use simpler images as very fine detailed stencils are very hard to use.

As you can imagine we get sent loads of artwork to turn in to stencils.  In order to turn them into stencils we often have to adapt the artwork slightly so that it all holds together and does not fall to bits.  So to help us, check that the artwork you send us meets the following criteria:
 - Make the artwork as big as possible (ideally 300dpi).  Small thumbnail graphics (72dpi or small logos off websites tend to be too small to work with.
 - Send artwork as a JPEG, PDF, EPS, PSD or TIFF file.
 - Currently we cannot turn photos in to stencils.
 - The best stencils are those that are simple, bold, not too detailed.  If your logo has lots of words in it, then think about having just the motif, or letters rather than the words.


I have bought several items now, and am very pleased with the speed and service. Will definitely be buying again soon.

Steve G

Anthony and Sonya are both very helpful on the phone and sorted our my requirements very quickly. Happy buyer.

Andrew K