Personalised Bap/Roll Stencil

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In the pictures here, we have simply put the stencil over the bap and sprinkled flour over the bap.

In your cafe, restaurant, bakery etc, we would recommend that you stencil on top after you have put any fillings inside.

We appreciate that all buns and baps come in different sizes, so all you have to do is enter the approximate diameter of your roll.   We then ensure that your logo fits within this diameter.

The price is the same for all baps with diameters under 12cm (120mm across) but volume discounts are available the more you order.

As you can imagine we get sent loads of artwork to turn in to stencils.  In order to turn them into stencils we often have to adapt the artwork slightly so that it all holds together and does not fall to bits.  So to help us, check that the artwork you send us meets the following criteria:
 - Make the artwork as big as possible (ideally 300dpi).  Small thumbnail graphics (72dpi or small logos off websites tend to be too small to work with.
 - Send artwork as a JPEG, PDF, EPS, PSD or TIFF file.
 - Currently we cannot turn photos in to stencils.
 - The best stencils are those that are simple, bold, not too detailed.  If your logo has lots of words in it, then think about having just the motif, or letters rather than the words.


I have bought several items now, and am very pleased with the speed and service. Will definitely be buying again soon.

Steve G

Anthony and Sonya are both very helpful on the phone and sorted our my requirements very quickly. Happy buyer.

Andrew K