End Shapes Shabby Chic Vintage Retro Stencil

End Shapes Shabby Chic Vintage Retro Stencil

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Ideal for decorating furniture.  Made from tough durable 500 micron stencil material which can be used many times again and again.

These are ideal if you want to decorate a piece of furniture that is looking a bit tired, or why not try decorating flower pots, boxes, crates, walls, pictures.  In fact if you can put a stencil on it, you can decorate it.

Very easy to use - all you have to do is to find the correct size, from our drop down list.  Apply the stencil and hold it in place with masking tape.  Then you can either apply spray paint or stipple the paint using a stipple brush.

These can be found in our Accessories page.


I have bought several items now, and am very pleased with the speed and service. Will definitely be buying again soon.

Steve G

Anthony and Sonya are both very helpful on the phone and sorted our my requirements very quickly. Happy buyer.

Andrew K